Red Hot Moon

“Red Hot Moon” by DT Huber recorded live at the Baltimore Whiskey Company in Baltimore, MD. A recorded version of “Red Hot Moon” can be found on the EP “Scorched Earth.”

Band Members: DT Huber, Josh Lebar (upright bass), J Erich Von Marko (drums), Susan Alcorn (pedal steel).

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Produced and Edited by Charles Cohen of Eyesore Productions
Cameras and Lighting: Sarah Nelson and Thomas Aaron
Sound by Jack Denning and Max Lentz
Sound Mixed by Max Lentz, Susan Alcorn, and DT Huber

D.T. Huber at Joe Squared 7-9-16

D.T. Huber will be playing at Joe Squared in Station North, Baltimore at 9 pm on Saturday July 16th! Robert “Fireball” Mitchell (Baltimore) and Fort Defiance (Nashville) will be playing sets as well. It’s gonna be a hot night of honky tonkin’ and whiskey slingin’!

D.T. Huber's photo from the Delaware coast

DT Huber in Tennesse

Had a blast at WTMD! Many thanks to all who donated!

My band and I had an awesome time playing at the WTMD studios for the Baltimore Band Block Party on May 14th! Thanks to William “Lump” Sutherland, J Erich von Marko, and Susan Alcorn for joining me on stage. The TMD staff was very helpful and accommodating. Many thanks to Sam Sessa, Don Rogers and the rest of the staff for all their hard work in putting the event together. We placed 5th overall in fundraising which I’m proud of given some very tough competition. Thanks to all who donated or bought tickets in support of DT Huber. Here’s a clip of us playing Red Hot Moon…

WTMD’s Baltimore Band Block Party!!

BBBP 5-14-16

D.T. Huber is one of 15 Baltimore artists this year who are competing to raise money for WTMD and to perform live at the WTMD Studios on Saturday, May 14th. The top 10 fundraising bands will play the Baltimore Band Block Party, so if you’d like to see DT and his band play the block party this year and possibly a First Thursday concert in September, go here and buy a ticket to the event or show your support to DT Huber and WTMD by making a donation!,33056,33057

BBBP buy-tickets